Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some photos from Brazil

My nephew (5) and niece (almost 2). 

Mateus enjoying his tractor.

Father's Day with family and friends.

Lots of humming birds around the house.

Peach and orange trees replacing the vegetable farm.

With my parents.

Back from Brazil

Greetings from Chiba again. The first photo I want to share with you is the one I took from the plane as we were approaching Chicago. My plan was to fly from São Paulo to Dallas and then to Narita. To my disappointment, at the American Airlines counter on Monday, I was told the flight to Dallas had been canceled because they didn't have an aircraft available. What a shock! As I had to attend a meeting here on Thursday (it takes two days to get from São Paulo to Narita: about 25 hours flying plus the 12-hour time difference), I asked them about my choices. I ended up flying to Miami and then to Chicago and then to Narita. I made it to the meeting on Thursday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm leaving for Brazil tomorrow and won't be able to publish any posts for about two weeks. I hope you are all in good health. 

Unwanted visitor

To my great shock, we had a visitor on the third floor on Saturday. I'm glad I wasn't alone. Kiraly-sensei, Patrik and Naho ran and tried to make sure the visitor wouldn't escape, but I could only stay many many meters--kilometers--away. The photos were taken by Kirally-sensei. Question: How did it get to the 3rd floor?

Dinner with Hugo

Hugo came to JIU Friday evening and when I heard he might move back to Hong Kong in September, I thought I should definitely invite him for dinner. It was a last minute arrangement, but it worked out. 
Summer vegetable tempura.

Shohei concentrated on his "kamameshi."

Hungarian food at home

Nikolleta and Zsofia taught me how to cook a Hungarian chicken dish on Thursday. They came over and we ended up eating both Hungarian and Brazilian food--we ate a lot!
Lots of tasty paprika.

Christmas in August! 

Open Campus July 28

We had a big open campus session on July 28. There was no time for photos, but I took a few at dinner time when I invited some of the people who helped all day to a Taiwanese meal in town.