Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome to JIU, Ko-sensei

Ko-sensei from the Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology is visiting us. He arrived yesterday and met with his three students who are studying here in Togane. We then had dinner together. He is here on the Togane campus right now, but will be going to Kioicho after lunch. He will be introducing the Chancellor of his university to our Chancellor. 

With his former students from Takao where he used to teach.

With students from his present university.

Opera at the Namekis on Sunday

We were invited to the Namekis on Sunday for the "uchiage" of our seminar's activities in the JIU festival. We were so fortunate to have the chance to enjoy some opera singing by soprano Ando-san. She has such a beautiful voice and besides singing to us, she also taught us how to better use our voice. We thank the Namekis for the "osekihan" and other food they prepared for all of us. 
Performing Verdi.

Happy Birthday, Greg! Happy Belated Birthday, Kashiwa-san!

With gratitude for the warm hospitality--always!

"Zabuton" girl?!?

Welcome Party to New Faculty Members (November 13

We had a welcome dinner to the three new faculty members of our department: Professors Shiba, Horvat and Li. We don't have a chance to spend a relaxing time all together that often, so this was a good opportunity.