Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sharla and Matt graduated!

Sharla and Matt graduated the first week of August. From this year on our graduation ceremonies are going to be held in August (not September as in previous years) and in March. They looked great and so happy despite the terrible heat. 

A couple of days in England

On the way back from Brazil we made a brief stop in the UK. We were able to only go to London and Cotswolds. It was an extremely short stay but it was great especially because I was able to see my brother. 
At the British Museum.

Lunch at Fortnum& Mason where I bought a lot of tea.

Dinner with my brother and friends.

The food they ordered.

The gnocchi I had.

Big Ben at night.

London Eye: sounded fun but wasn't interested.

The M&S in Stratford.

Shakespeare was buried here. 

We toured the Cotswolds area one whole day.

Delicious cottage pie!

A deer that thinks she is a sheep?!?!

Summer break in Brazil

I'm posting some of the photos I took in Brazil. I was there for only nine days, but it was great seeing my family and friends. I went to the University of São Paulo, but to our disappointment the staff was on a strike, a long strike. 

Archaeological excavation?!??

Lots of orchids blooming this year as well.

At the University of São Paulo--we were not allowed into the building.

With my 97-year-old grand mother. 

Beautiful view from Wilma's house.

My nephew.

My niece asking me to stay in Brazil.