Friday, March 18, 2016

My God Son

Ladies and Gentlemen: Please meet my god son. He has big feet and is very cute. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Graduation on March 16

More than 1200 students graduated from Josai International University yesterday. We were honored to have Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado present.
My only graduate student graduating today. 
Great Japanese look.
Three Brazilians graduating today.
Third-year students congratulating the graduating class.
My seminar students.
Most but not everyone.

Dining with Lara's family

Italian Brazilian food with Lara's family

Farewell to Lara

We wish you all the best, Lara. 
Congratulations, Jose!

Saying Farewell

Sadly we had to say farewell to my mother-in-law on January 20. My cousin from Kokura who is about my age also passed away, and two good friends had surgeries a few weeks ago. I hope that spring will bring good health and energy to everyone. 

January 13: birthday cake in class?!?

January 13 was a presentation day in my seminar class but, if I remember correctly, for the students it  was a day to celebrate Yuiko's and Haruka's birthdays as well. I don't remember eating cake though....

Apple pie

Our first apple pie of the year with lots of apples from Akita Prefecture. Thank you, Abe-san.

Christmas day at home

Lots of strawberries from Togane. 

A recent beautiful plate I was able to purchase. 

Trying to learn from Furukawa-san....

Graduate School students

On December 22, the students in my graduate school class also had a gift exchange. I received a cute green boot-shaped bag full of things I love from Mat.

Portuguese Language Mentors

On December 16, some of the students attending the Portuguese language mentor program and all the mentors had a gift exchange. My gift was VERY Brazilian

I gave her a Panettone made in Brazil. 

End-of-year party with the Extension students

As always, the party on December 18 was a success with a lot of delicious food and great company. Unfortunately not all members of the class could be present. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

End-of-year party with the 3rd-year students

Lots of gifts. 

No, this is not a hat. 

Lots of food.

Long Time No See

For various different reasons--including technical problems with this account--I was not able to write for quite a long time. I am planning to catch up this month.