Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rueil-Malmaison Delegation in Togane

Mr. Patrick Ollier, mayor of Togane's sister city Rueil-Malmaison in France, visited JIU on Saturday, October 22 with his delegation. He was greeted by a large number of students and was also interviewed by Prof. Grandclement in our Rose Garden. His delegation was here in Togane for a few days and for many of the members it was their very first time in Japan. We certainly hope that the two cities will be able to further strengthen their ties and that more residents of Rueil-Malmaison will choose to visit Japan. 

Halloween at JIU

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

UCR delegation at JIU

We had the honor of finally hosting Valerie on our campus on October 7. Nick also came but he had to leave early. We were happy to have both of them on our campus.


Which one do you think I ate? 

Delegation from Spelman College

A delegation from Spelman College visited JIU on October 13 and we had a pleasant time in the tea ceremony room. It was rainy that day but the atmosphere in the room was just perfect. 

Party with 3rd-year students on October 14

The 3rd-year students had a small party at Solivo on Friday. The purposes were to welcome three new students and the two students who were in Canada and the USA. Not all members of our seminar are in Japan yet, but we hope to have another party in January when the two people who are participating in the Disney internship get back. 

Beautiful anchovy and rucola pizza.