Monday, December 30, 2013

Hong Kong City University Students in Kioicho

Twenty students from CityU were in Kioicho for a week. Unfortunately when I heard about their program it was too late to organize an activity with them. I had met Natalie, Eugenie and Jonathan in Hong Kong in June and they took such great care of the JIU students. I feel we didn't have a chance to thank them enough this time, but I hope there will be more opportunities. I saw them in Kioicho on the 26h when they gave their final presentations on Japan. 

Part of the group.

The students I had met in Hong Kong.

Christmas at Home

We had 12 people over for lunch on the 25th. This year I did not use any frozen food--no coxinhas or pão de queijo. As I didn't know some of the people's likes and dislikes, I basically cooked a bit of everything. I had a good time with everyone and hope they enjoyed themselves as well. 

The usual pavê de côco. We had panettone as well. 

Our simple Christmas orchid.



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

End-of-year Party with my Extension students

 The participants in the English Communication course prepared wonderful food for today's party. I ate way too much and feel full even now--it's almost 6 PM and the party was at 11. We also exchanged gifts and I'm sorry I cannot upload everyone's photos here.  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Former Ateneo students at JIU

I'm sorry I didn't upload this much earlier. Six former students from Ateneo de Manila visited us on Wednesday, November 29. It was so nice to see them again. They were students here at JIU for a semester in 2007. They are working now and they all looked great! I was so happy to hear they planned this trip a year ago and were able to take time off work to come to Japan together. Coincidentally the day they visited our JIU students were collecting donations to be sent to the Philippines. They joined us. 
Mariel, Ralph, Margaret, Anna, Christopher and Juan
having sukiyaki.

Collecting messages.

Some of the members of the joint activity.

Wakui-san participated in the "Kiso Zemi" on December 11

Wakui-san was so nice and spent his day off at JIU with me and my students last Wednesday. He was my student in 1999 and has had a successful career at the hotel industry. I hope he'll be an inspiration to our current students. 
Introducing him to the first and second year students. 

8:30: Great sushi after such a long day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Congratulating the Chancellor

On Saturday we congratulated Chancellor Mizuta on the award she received directly from the Prime Minister of  Hungary in November: the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of Honors. Students prepared this big banner and the Hungarian students sang four songs to the Chancellor. 

Workshop on November 28

I participated in the Chiba Prefectural workshop for English teachers at private high schools on November 28 (held in Kashiwa). I had never taken part in an event like that and was uncertain of what was actually expected from me. After observing three classes, I was asked to make some comments. Also, after lunch I gave a talk on global education for 90 minutes. I certainly hope I didn't bore everyone. 

Dr. Shukri receives an honorary degree from JIU

Dr. Shukri received an honorary degree from JIU on November 26. I met him on my very first trip to Malaysia two years ago and I am so pleased that the relationship between our universities has flourished. We plan to take students there in March. 

Professor Aoyagi Masanori

Professor Aoyagi gave a special lecture on Rome on November 27. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Kioicho that day but I heard it was a great talk.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Petra University at JIU

Two faculty members from Petra University visited us on November 19. We have been sister universities since we joined the Asia Summer Program, but it was their first visit to Togane. Two years ago some of our students spent a month on their campus in Indonesia.

Prime Minister of Hungary's visit

The Prime Minister of Hungary Orban Viktor  received an honorary doctorate from Josai University on November 21. After the conferment ceremony, he gave a commemorative speech about Hungary and Europe. Our students had the opportunity to ask him questions and learn his thoughts about the future of Hungary and its ties with Japan and Asia. I'm not allowed to upload his photo here, so I'm sharing with you a photo of our Chancellor saying a few words during the ceremony. 

Ayako at JIU on November 22

Here is a photo of Ayako who is a flight attendant for ANA with my student Mirim from Korea who has been hired by ANA and will also be an attendant from April 1. Ayako came to Togane on November 22 to give a talk in the Airline course we offer on Fridays. It's really great to have a former student come to JIU to inspire the students who are here now.

Josai Junior High students at JIU on November 22

A large group of students from Josai Junior and Senior High School (Tokyo) visited us on Friday, November 22. They had group activities with our international students and also had lunch on our campus. It was a short program, but I hope they felt more confident in their English. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome to JIU, Ko-sensei

Ko-sensei from the Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology is visiting us. He arrived yesterday and met with his three students who are studying here in Togane. We then had dinner together. He is here on the Togane campus right now, but will be going to Kioicho after lunch. He will be introducing the Chancellor of his university to our Chancellor. 

With his former students from Takao where he used to teach.

With students from his present university.

Opera at the Namekis on Sunday

We were invited to the Namekis on Sunday for the "uchiage" of our seminar's activities in the JIU festival. We were so fortunate to have the chance to enjoy some opera singing by soprano Ando-san. She has such a beautiful voice and besides singing to us, she also taught us how to better use our voice. We thank the Namekis for the "osekihan" and other food they prepared for all of us. 
Performing Verdi.

Happy Birthday, Greg! Happy Belated Birthday, Kashiwa-san!

With gratitude for the warm hospitality--always!

"Zabuton" girl?!?