Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Polish students singing at the Chancellor's party

We had a very nice birthday party for our Chancellor. Different groups performed, but I only have a photo of the Polish students singing and the Chinese Ph.D candidates reciting a poem written by the Chancellor. The Hungarian students sang a birthday song in Hungarian and the Deans of both universities (JU and JIU) tried hard to sing and entertain the audience of 400+. It was a pleasant evening--an evening we could discover the talents of our students and colleagues.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Quiet time with Sunil

I don't remember the exact day this photo was taken, but it was great seeing Sunil again here in Tokyo. I remember we had some great "yakitori" that evening and then went for coffee in Ginza. This was all during the World Cup days--which, by the way, I will not be writing about.

Brazil at the Minori no Sato Togane

In June the Brazilian students shared some of the Brazilian food culture with the Togane community. They sold pão de queijo, sanduíche de mortadela, guaraná, coffee beans, palmito (hearts of palm), and three types of juice (mango, guava and passion fruit). 

Great customers and friends in front of the booth.

The Brazilian team.

JIU students enjoying their sandwiches. 


Apologies for not writing for such a long time. I have had a lot on my plate lately and health wise I wasn't doing very well, but I feel I am doing a lot better now.