Thursday, September 27, 2012

Australian students at JIU

Nine high school students from Australia visited JIU today. 
After the tea ceremony.

The Windy Walkers

Walking back from the bus stop to my office on such a windy day. Our campus is now slowly turning red.

Dinner with exchange faculty from China

Tuesday night, we invited the new Chinese faculty members for a casual welcome dinner here in Togane. They come from three of our sister universities in China and will be here for one year teaching Chinese to students from various departments. 

Lots of salmon cooked with cabbage and onion.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wisconsin at JIU

Tea with some of our female students.
Learning a bit about kendo.

We had three members of the Women of Wings of the Wisconsin Goodwill Delegation on campus yesterday. They were here the whole afternoon and were able to visit our Mizuta Art Museum, the Kendo Club practice, and had an exchange session with some of our Japanese and international students. They also had a traditional experience with the tea ceremony club teacher and students. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Patrik is back

Patrik is back from Norway and as he didn't come to commencement, he ended up receiving his diploma in the administration office. Congratulations, Patrik!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Farewell to Hugo

I was embarrassingly late to Hugo's dinner on Friday. His classmates organized this get-together for him as he announced in July that he will be moving back to Hong Kong this month. We hope he will return to Japan as he seems to like it here so much. Hugo: best wishes to you--where ever you go!

Hugo is the youngest in the group.

Back from Riverside

This year I wasn't able to take my students to California because of the graduation ceremony and other official duties I had in Japan. On Thursday some of the students who went to Riverside came to my office with gifts and with lots of stories to tell. I'm so glad that 21 chose to take advantage of this experience in California.

Entrance Ceremony

The entrance ceremony for fall 2012 was held on Thursday, September 4. We welcomed more about 400 students including those coming for only a year from sister universities from all over the world. A large number of international students are here for two years on the dual degree program. Azusa Konomi represented all students and gave a speech. I'm so glad she decided to return to JIU and go to graduate school. 
Our President Yanagisawa giving a speech.

Azusa handing her speech to President.

Chiba Lotte Marines: EXCITING game

 Shohei and I purchased 50 tickets to the Chiba Lotte v. Nippon Ham game (Wednesday) hoping that most of my seminar students would go. The seniors did go, but none of my third year students went, so we invited other people including some of the new international students, former students, faculty members and other JIU students. It was a great game and after nine losses, Chiba finally won. 
One minute before the game started. Great seats.

No uniforms but towels for now.

Lucky Jose. He grabbed a ball that flew to our side.

Final score!!

So many home runs, so many MVP's.

The very last ball.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sushiro Debut

I finally went to Sushiro last night with some of the international students who just arrived in Japan (from UCR and Hawaii). I didn't really like the food--but enjoyed the company. It was also nice to see one of my advisees who works there. She looked so surprised when she saw me. 

Kurabayashi-sensei's birthday

There was a small surprise dinner party for Kurabayashi-sensei on Monday and I think he was actually really surprised. People danced and sang for him and it was a lovely evening.

Birthday cake in my office

It was Kurabayashi-sensei's birthday on Monday and coincidentally my former students Kaoru and Satoko brought cake to my office that afternoon. They kindly came to talk to the students applying for ANA this fall. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Professor Lubarsky

Professor Lubarsky is in Japan now to teach two intensive courses. I was finally able to invite him to dinner on Friday. We always have sushi, but this time I took him to Takemi to enjoy some Japanese beef. It's always good to see him here and I certainly hope to be able to visit him in Barcelona one day.


Four of my advisees graduated on Tuesday.
Kashiwa-san and his mother.
Akimoto-san greeting the President after his speech.
The Minister with her husband, son and the Ambassador of Malaysia to Japan (her left).
Dr. Yen Yen giving a speech during the ceremony.

Minister of Tourism Malaysia

Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen received an honorary doctorate from Josai International University on Tuesday during our fall graduation ceremony. On Monday, she gave an excellent talk at the Kioicho campus to our students and faculty members. I was one of the MC's of the event and therefore didn't have a chance to take good photos.