Sunday, March 15, 2015

Commencement on March 14

One thousand twenty four students graduated from JIU on Saturday. Luckily the weather wasn't that bad and everyone looked really good in their formal suits or the Japanese "hakama." The first students who participated in programs in Poland and in the Republic of Czech graduated. 
Go received his MA in International Administration. 

Miyuki received her MA in Global Communication.

Kobayashi-San was so nice to prepare these greetings.

Graduating students, their juniors, their parents and guests.

Flowers from my seminar students. 

Farewell to Kelly, Miguel & Barbara

We organized a pot-luck to say farewell to Kelly, Miguel and Barbara who will be leaving JIU--and two of them Japan--in the near future. It was a very international lunch with cuisine from really all over. I only took photos of this one table, but you can see Japanese "chirashizuki," Norwegian cheese and waffles, Mexican guacamole, lasagna, Australian sweets, a Brazilian vegetarian dish etc. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

ANA Chubu Airport Internship in February

From February 21 ten students participated in an internship with ANA at the Chubu International Airport Centrair in Nagoya. We went there by Shinkansen and returned on an ANA flight to Haneda. It was an intensive course but a great opportunity for students to learn about the work responsibilities of the ground staff. 

"Shaonkai" in Tokyo on March 6

Thank you all for inviting me to the party in Tokyo and also for the great tea and cake at Marriage. I hope you'll all go back there with your friends and family, and I also hope to be invited again!!