Friday, January 17, 2014

Cinthia is back!

Cinthia is back from her internship program at Disney World. We had dinner together at Buon on Tuesday. She looked really happy, but I was worried about what she ate while in Florida. She is one of the very few students who lost weight in the United States.Welcome back, Cinthia!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The First Kawabuchi Saburo Soccer Tournament at JIU

Fourteen teams from the Sanbu area took part in the soccer cup for young players at JIU this weekend. It was two days of games and the winning team was the Tokigane FC. On Saturday Mr. Okada, former coach of the Japanese National Team and currently a visiting professor at JIU, greeted and gave advice to the participants. Today the trophy was given to the winning team by Mr. Kawabuchi himself. I saw him on TV this morning. He was a commentator on the Sunday Morning show and talked about Honda. I'm glad JIU is not located far from Tokyo as he was here on time. 

My first soup of the year: the year of the horse

New friends

I made some new friends over the holidays and we had a very pleasant day in the Togane area. We went for sushi in Oami and my plan was to take them for strawberry picking after that. Unfortunately we were not able to do that but we bought two large boxes of "peach strawberries" and enjoyed them on the way to Yoshiko-sensei's house. There we enjoyed a peaceful tea ceremony and of course delicious Japanese sweets. My new friends went back to Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles and I'm afraid they're not enjoying the low temperatures and bad weather there. I hope to see them again in the near future.