Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Szent István University at JIU

It was a big pleasure to receive Dr. Lászlo Villányi, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Dr. Lászlo Guth and Dr. Laszlo Vasa and their spouses in Togane today. Coincidentally they all have the same first name! We first met when I was in Hungary in November, 2009 and after that they came to Togane once. This was their second visit in one year and that's a sign that our sister university relationship has become a strong one. We had dinner together and at that time Dr. Villányi mentioned that in the future he would like to receive Kobe beef as a souvenir from Japan. I had to tell him that what he was eating tonight was Japanese beef but not Kobe beef.... He was polite and said it was good anyway (photo). They are great people and great professionals and our students are lucky to have the opportunity to learn from them and on their campus in Godollo. Twelve of our students will be departing Japan in February and will be taking part in a special course with a focus on environmental issues at Szent István University. (I don't usually wear a cap to dinner--this white cap was a gift from the Dean.)

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