Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surprise! Eiji Ishida in my office!

I met Eiji when I was working at the Extension Center at UC Riverside 22 years ago. He was a student from Josai University and was studying English there for a year. When I was hired at JIU in 1992, I contacted him and found out he was actually from Chiba Prefecture and was working in Tokyo. More specifically he was from Mobara which is just next to Togane where I was going to be working. So he helped me with this and that when I moved here. We met once in a while, but then he moved to Osaka and we only exchanged New Year cards the past three years. He showed up in my office on Tuesday. What a great surprise. He had driven his sister's children to JIU. They were taking part in a workshop here. I introduced him to some teachers who happened to come to my office while he was here and they were all shocked at how young he looks. I agree. Eiji has not changed in the past 20 years.

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