Monday, August 22, 2011

A day in Riverside with my brother

I was finally able to see my brother! He lives in England and our academic schedules are just too different. He spent the month of August doing a research project at the University of California, Irvine and we were finally able to spend some time together. We visited with some of my friends and also enjoyed some great food together. He used to live in California, too, and we both missed good Mexican food.
We had the honor to spend time with Sheila and Ed who prepared this fantastic high tea for us. I had never had anything like that in Riverside. Everything, everything tasted great, but I have to say that the artichokes with the mushrooms and cheese were my favorite. Many thanks, Ed!
We then went for Mexican food with Sharon and John, and I had this great beef tostada. It was really good and I ate it all after the high tea--really hard to believe?!?
The day didn't end there....We went for dessert and drinks at Mario's and look at their ginger creme brulee--my favorite in the world! I love it but I had to share it with my brother--I would not be able to walk to the car otherwise.

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