Sunday, February 17, 2013

On my way back to Japan

Beauty from my mother's garden.
Greetings from JFKennedy Airport. I'm on my way back to Narita now with this quite long lay over of six hours here in New York--actually not bad at all compared to the 11 hours I had to wait on the way to São Paulo. My father is not completely well  and we don't know whether he is going to need a surgery in the brain or not. We're still waiting for test results, but I decided to fly back. My brother will be going to Brazil for two weeks in the near future and then we will make decision after that. For now, I should go back to work. The good news is that my father is now able to talk to us with a firmer voice and he recognizes everyone. He is also trying to walk a bit--still very hard for him--but he is trying. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. We still need a lot of those. 
My first grade teacher who turned 88 this year. 

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