Monday, March 18, 2013

A day with Zozo's mother

Zozo's mother came all the way from Hungary to attend his graduation ceremony on Friday. I tried to show her some of my favorite places in the Togane area. We had lunch at Takemi and then went to Kujukuri after that. I wanted her to experience making a glass at Sugahara but they are no longer teaching on Saturdays. We went to the beach instead. It was great walking on the beach. After that we went strawberry picking in Togane and after a quick stop at the 100-yen shop we went for sushi at Ichiriki. I needed a break for myself so it was a relaxing day for me as well. 

LOTS and LOTS of strawberries.

Yuto joined us--it was fun.

We'll enjoy the Tokaji wine we got and remember this day.

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