Sunday, October 27, 2013

Prime Minister Abe: 「ポーランド・アイルランドの夕べ」

It was an honor to attend a reception at Prime Minister Abe's official residence on Friday. He and Mrs. Akie Abe invited our Chancellor and students from Poland to participate in the 「ポーランド・アイルランドの夕べ」. Our students were asked to give a presentation and they did very well. The Vice-President of Poland, some ministers, and the Ambassadors from Poland and Ireland were present. I had just seen Ambassador John Neary and his wife Kathleen White on TV the week before, so it was even more pleasant to meet them in person. They were on the "gachiri" show and talked about the contact lenses imported from Ireland. We all had a very pleasant and memorable evening. I'm sorry I'm not allowed to upload any photos here.

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