Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010: 市山ゼミ交流会 at JIU

My third-year students gathered today in order to socialize and learn more about each other. They did this as they played some games and ate lots of snacks together! They also congratulated Naho and Kaoru on their participation in the UCR/Disney College Internship Program. They will be departing Japan later this semester and will be studying and working at Disney World in Florida for six months. (The photo above is of the game prize winners.)



  1. I hope that all students enjoyed 交流会 yesterday and learned more about each other.


    Thank you very much Ichiyama-sensei,Kurabayashi-sensei, and ofcourse, all ゼミ students!!★

  2. Thank you, Shunsuke, for the general organization of the event and for being a great MC. Good job!