Friday, July 23, 2010

My last day in Florida

I arrived here Tuesday night and I'm leaving the hotel at 4 tomorrow morning. Today I learned a lot about the UCR/JIU/Disney Program by attending the orientation session. As Disney offers a program for Japanese college graduates as well, I decided to go take a look at what they actually do at the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT. They actually work for Mitsukoshi selling all kinds of Japanese (and Japanese style) things and also at the restaurants on the second floor. There was a young woman selling shells that contained one or two pearls depending on how lucky you are. Others wearing kimono were helping customers make choices. There were drum performers as well. This was a very short stay, but I have a much better idea of the place where our students will be living, where they'll take classes and about the whole program. It's certainly extremely hot here now, but they are lucky to be in such an international work environment acquiring experience that will change their future.

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