Monday, March 28, 2011


The other day I was so worried about the low number of people volunteering to help around the Asahi area here in Chiba. On TV they said that they had been able to recruit only 100 people and that wasn't enough. Today I heard that Iikura-sensei and some other faculty members and students had been to the area to help and that there seems to be more people involved now. That was a relief as I've noticed that people are focusing more on the north part of Japan whereas volunteers are also needed here in Chiba where lots of people lost their homes or need help cleaning up their houses.

I could not hold my tears when I saw this report on the volunteers assembling wooden coffins in the north area of Japan. They were making 500 or so per day, but they couldn't catch up. The saddest part was to see how they had to start burying people in long lines. As you know, the law in Japan states that everyone needs to be cremated. However, there are limits to the number they can handle in a crematory so a decision was made to start burying people in lines--just one next to the other. All very sad.

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