Sunday, March 18, 2012

Commencement 2012

Our graduation ceremony was held at 11 AM on Saturday, March 17. Considering that last year we were not able to have one and we basically didn't have an opportunity to say farewell to students, I felt that we were fortunate to have students and parents on campus. The weather was terrible, but the girls looked great in their "hakama" (a special kimono for graduation ceremonies).
All of my seminar students completed the requirements and were able to receive a BA degree. One of them is going to graduate school, two are becoming English teachers, one is returning to China and luckily most of the other students are going to be working in the Kanto area and hopefully they'll be able to come visit.
A group photo with graduating students and their parents.
Graduating students with some of the juniors who worked hard preparing
for this get together.
She will be living really far from all of us, but she promised to come to the JIU Festival.
She'll be working in Sapporo.
The third-year students ended up leaving JIU after 8 PM because of the cleaning they had to do. Do they look tired?!? They did an excellent job and I'm very proud of them!

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