Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kifu Koza

Students in the Honors Club were able to do group research in the academic year of 2011 as well thanks for donations from companies such as Obayashi Gumi, Shimizu Kensetsu, Takasago and Yurtec. Representatives of these companies came to JIU on Saturday to evaluate the presentations given by the students. The main theme this year was the reconstruction of the northern area of Japan after March 11 and students focused on independent fields of research such as volunteer work, energy efficiency, medical needs, and my group focused on contributions made by the United States. The main reason for that is because we received scholarships to go to the States for about two weeks after the catastrophe last year. This was an excellent opportunity for our students to grow and go beyond their everyday studies. I appreciate the donations by all companies.

The students who didn't have to work last night got together for some Indian food. It was a long but enriching day for all them.

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