Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feast in the English Communication class

We ended our Community College English course with A LOT of great food yesterday. Everyone cooked and we had a very pleasant pot-luck lunch. I'm sorry I can't show everyone all the dishes. Takamiya-san brought great miso peanuts, giant peanuts, and black beans that he harvested himself! How lucky we were!
Not the whole group but most of us.

Pumpkin balls by Hiraga-san.

Coke chicken (Hasegawa-san) and colorful rice (Furukawa-san).

Sharing photos of Greece.

Delicious rare cheese cake (Yoshihashi-san).

Hawaiian poke by Koga-san.

One of the dishes by Imazeki-san:  "shiokoji" chicken.

Oden with ingredients directly from Tsukiji (Kakisu-san).

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