Saturday, January 5, 2013

Greetings from Taipei

For a change, I am enjoying a short vacation in Taiwan. I arrived in Taipei on the 3rd and was greeted at the airport by Professor Ko, a professor my students and I respect and owe a lot. Today he took me to  his new work place here--Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology--and also do some sightseeing. I was honored to meet some of his colleagues and also the President of the university who hosted a lunch. The food was excellent--it's been excellent every single meal--and I especially loved the sweet potato dessert served at lunch. It reminded me of the Japanese "daigaku imo," but it was sweeter and the crunchiness was different as well. 

A visit to the market at Takashimaya.

Never seen such a huge star fruit in Brazil.

Superb bamboo art--we got one of these for tea leaves.

The dessert I loved!

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