Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday

Thanks, Chiho, for remembering.

Brooks Brothers--thanks, Daiki!

Te-chan: thanks for the cute card and superb wine!

Miyazawa-sensei: I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Thanks for making it a little cooler in my office!
Go: thanks for the beautiful fan and for making time to come to JIU. 

Rilakkuma and Tako-chan resting on my desk. Thanks to Kobayashi-san and to Daiki.

Azusa: thanks for the most beautiful tea container!

Naho: thanks for the apple pie. Hanako: thanks for the great cake!

My junior class: thanks for the special slippers and cushion!

Hara-sensei: thanks for the beautiful Maria.

Thanks Fumi and Haruka for the best chocolate!

What a pleasant surprise! Many thanks, Yuki!

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