Sunday, January 29, 2012

Udon at a soba restaurant

Naho and Han-sensei ordered "udon" noodles at Kagetsuan, a great "soba" place where the owner prepares the noodles from scratch. I'm sure he didn't mind our order as three of us enjoyed his delicious buckwheat noodles. I had never heard about soba allergies until I came to Japan, but while in Victoria I was also surprised to hear that many children in Canada are allergic to peanuts. In any case, I think mine is probably a more unique case as most people are surprised when I say I'm allergic to pork!


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  2. Peanut allergies have become such a large problem in Canada that some entire factories have banned Peanuts in the building....

    No peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the employees (X_X)'

    There are special marks or symbols on these products -->>

    Like this Picture.....