Monday, July 2, 2012

Disney students departed

The students taking part in the UCR/Disney Internship program from June to January left Narita Airport on Saturday. They'll be in California for two weeks before they fly to Orlando where they'll be working and studying until January 10. Good luck, girls! 

Something interesting happened while we were waiting for them to check in. The police showed up and said we had to leave that area because they had found a piece of luggage that apparently had been abandoned where we were. As we stood up and left, they brought trained dogs, more police and fancy equipment to the area! I had never experienced that, but the interesting thing was that I was able to see Go, a former student who works for the Chiba Police. We talked very briefly because he was dealing with the situation, but I was happy to see him "in action." The students were able to board on time.

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