Monday, July 2, 2012

My Birthday Party on July 2

My 4th-year students organized a birthday party for me tonight here in my neighborhood. It was very nice of them and I felt really comfortable with them at the local Italian restaurant I so often go to. It also felt good to have birthday celebrations even six weeks after my actual birthday--I think I like it! Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the time you spent organizing the party. Many thanks for the cards and gift as well. 

May and June birthday girls!

Drawings from a game we played.

Great food--smoked chicken & olive pasta.


  1. Dear Ms.Ichiyama,

    Happy Birthday!! I hope all is well...

    Sorry for not keeping in touch, I will drop by soon!



    1. Tom, Dawn was just at JIU and she asked about you. She is happy you are working in Japan and sends her regards. Come visit!